Thank you! Thank you!


Thank you to all those who have joined the Facebook page in the last couple of weeks and to the ever faithful who have been with us all the way! We’ll be putting up lot’s of cool things about the “Eagles” like video’s, quotes, articles and more. Some of which you may know and some things you might just be discovering for the very first time about this legendary band!

As for what we’ll be doing show wise, we have some local  (Vic) gig’s where we’ll be out and about this side of Christmas, so if you can make it to one it’d be great to see you! You can check our show dates on this link (Show Dates) for where we’ll be so you can come celebrate the music of the “Eagles” with us.

Oh and don’t forget if you’d like to be part all things we do as The Eagles Story you can join our mailing list on the website  where you’ll get the very first announcements of where we’ll be and what we are up to.

Until then – Take it Easy!

Ps. Tomorrow night 16th Sept we’ll be at London Eleven, Bayswater just in case you happen to be in the area,  9:00 pm kick off!

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