Mildura Arts Centre – Sat 14th April

TES -Mildura 1.jpgFor more than 10 years, The Eagles Story has taken audiences around Australia, on a journey to relive the amazing music of The Eagles. Their scintillating harmonies, that recreate to perfection the vocal arrangements created by the band, through to the purity of the musicianship, The Eagles Story takes this tribute to a new level, rarely seen. Hit after hit comes flooding from the stage as musical memories are relived in this not to be missed salute to a legendary treasure. The commitment to replicating the true West Coast vibe and the respect for the original Eagles sound is the driving force that ensures that The Eagles Story continues to ‘Take it to the limit, more than one more time’ and we can’t wait to bring our show to the Mildura Arts Centre next week!

BTN.1Mildura Arts Centre

199 Cureton Ave, Mildura, Vic

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