Commercial Hotel – Sat 13th July

Commercial 3.jpgUnlike other tributes to The Eagles, The Eagles Story is all about reality, real voices, singing real harmonies and real players, making great live music; “it was that way for the originals and it is that way for us”.

The Eagles Story is Pete McCarthy, Gary Young, Ash Osgood, Cres Crisp & Steve Wells. Their credentials are unquestionable with each member having honed their craft over many years playing with some of the best known Australian rock, jazz and blues performers. In just a couple of weeks they’ll be bringin’ a huge catalogue of Eagles classics to the Commercial Hotel in South Morang.

Bistro meals available, but be sure to book your tables, as it’ll be a busy night!

Ph: 03 9407 1082

Show Only tickets $30.00*         Entry from 8.00pm & Showtime 9.00pm

*Online Booking Fees applyBTN.1Commercial Hotel

820 Plenty Rd, South Morang, Vic

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