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Beaumaris (BMYS) – Sat 2nd November

‘How Long’ till Cup weekend? Really not that far away & we’re looking forward to our debut at the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron (BMYS). In addition to an enjoyable and wide-ranging social program, the Club promotes a broad area of recreational boating – cruising, NavRallies and… Continue Reading “Beaumaris (BMYS) – Sat 2nd November”

Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron – Sat 2nd Nov

Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron (BMYS) is located on the eastern shore of Port Phillip in Beaumaris Bay, nestling close to the cliff face half-way between Ricketts Point and Mentone Beach. The Clubhouse is only just visible from Beach Road and has been designed and decorated… Continue Reading “Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron – Sat 2nd Nov”

Sandbelt Club Hotel – Sat 12th Oct

Unlike other tributes to The Eagles, The Eagles Story is all about reality, real voices, singing real harmonies and real players, making great live music; “it was that way for the originals and it is that way for us”. We’re looking forward to bringing… Continue Reading “Sandbelt Club Hotel – Sat 12th Oct”

Sandbelt Hotel – Sat 12th October

Dad’ll love these tickets for Father’s Day…get your tickets now! The Sandbelt Bistro offers something for everyone, perfect for the family gathering, Father’s Day, birthday celebrations or a casual dinner with friends. Sit back and enjoy a delicious meal while The Eagles Story – Australia’s Premier… Continue Reading “Sandbelt Hotel – Sat 12th October”

Flying Saucer Club – Sat 6th July

The Eagles Story are set to deliver ‘Hotel California’ – the soundtrack to a generation! Hotel California is the fifth studio album by the Eagles and is one of the best-selling albums of all time. Three singles were released from the album, each reaching… Continue Reading “Flying Saucer Club – Sat 6th July”

Frankston Bowling Club – Sun 10th March

The Eagles Story is Steve Wells, Pete McCarthy, Ash Osgood, Cres Crisp & Gary Young. Their credentials are unquestionable with each member having honed their craft over many years playing with some of the best known Australian rock, jazz and blues performers. The incredible vocal… Continue Reading “Frankston Bowling Club – Sun 10th March”

Thank you 88.3 Southern FM!

A huge thank you goes out to Mark Copolov & the team at 88.3 Southern FM for having us on their Purple Haze segment last night. It’s was great to have a chat before being lucky enough to play an acoustic set of some our… Continue Reading “Thank you 88.3 Southern FM!”

Milanos Tavern – Sat 14th October

Legends are born and not made, or so they say. The Eagles legend began in California, way back in 1971, The Eagles Story began right here in Melbourne 10 years ago and through them and the music that became the soundtrack to a generation,… Continue Reading “Milanos Tavern – Sat 14th October”

Brightons Milanos Tavern – 14th October

Milanos offer delicious modern cuisine, fine wines and a superb selection of imported beers; it really is the perfect place to meet with family and friends. This fantastic venue invites you to come and enjoy the wonderful facilities it has to offer. A superb… Continue Reading “Brightons Milanos Tavern – 14th October”